Summer Home Decor Inspiration

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time for the Fourth of July and pool-side decor. While you might not be able to fly off to a remote beach this summer, you can still get in on the easy summertime living with some decoration changes. Dress your home up and you’ll be in for a summer staycation in your own home!

1. Keep it light with white (or a light blue if you want a coastal feel.)

Having a blank canvas (white walls, neutral furniture) mixed with neutral textiles such as cream, sand, white (or even a light blue or gray) will make the perfect summer feel. This all-white design is aimed at bringing in and reflecting as much light in the home as possible.

2. Decorate with Life

As simple as it may seem, adding real life to your home will make a big difference in the ambiance of the space. Items such as live plants, cactus, or even citrus such as lemons or oranges in a bowl on the counter. A bowl of oranges or lemons can do wonders to an entire room.

3. Get a Bar Cart

If you don’t already have one, I highly suggest getting a “bar” cart even if it doesn’t hold alcohol. This simple cart screams “entertaining guests” and even more-so if it can be an outdoor bar cart! If you have an outdoor space to entertain and plan on inviting guests over this summer, I suggest you get your bar cart ready! Stock it with everything you need to get your summer party started!

4. Break out the Linen

From the bedding to the pillows, exchanging your heavier textiles with linen can create a breezier look and feel.

5. Bring the Beach Home

Adding in items such as coral and shells can add a beachy/coastal mood on a tight budget! Of course, you can purchase them or collect your own (or even opt-in for a faux version.)

6. Prep the Patio

To encompass a true summer outdoor entertaining paradise, you need at least two seating areas to vary in space and functionality. A lounge area and a dining area are ideal. One by the grill and “chef” space as well as a separate area away from the smoke to cheers and enjoy summertime company.

7. Add Pops of Color

This sounds like a lot of work but is actually quite simple. You can swap out warm toned artwork for bright, graphic paintings in the summer. A fresh bouquet of flowers can change a space instantly on a budget (or opt-in for some faux alternatives). Simple changes like a floral or vibrant set of dishes can make a big difference. Pillows are always an easy suggestion to throw on a couch for a quick and simple (but dramatic) change to a space.

8. Swap out your Lamp Shades

Another tip often overlooked is changing out your lamp shades for the season. You can be bold and go towards yellow or coral colors or a simple linen lampshade to bring in a subtle coastal vibe.

9. Create New Wall Art

I have loved the incorporation of unique and relatively inexpensive pieces of art into a home if you are trying to create a new look on a budget. Try framing a map of one of your favorite vacation spots or putting a bright and airy shower curtain on a canvas for a larger piece. This is a cheaper way to get a fun, short-term summery look without spending too much for a seasonal item.

10. Add a picnic table or a napping area to your outdoor space. Maybe you’re handy and can whip up a daybed or a swing bed for your back porch! These cozy additions can make your backyard into your very own oasis.

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