Preparing to Show your Home

Follow our guide to our steps in preparing to get your home ready to show. Showings are a crucial aspect to the selling process, and we want to ensure your home looks its absolute best come show-time.

kitchen and dining area

Remove Clutter From Counter Tops

By removing excess appliances and essentials from your countertops, your space will feel clean, elegant, and most importantly- larger.

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Keep Your Bathrooms Tidy

Make sure all bathrooms are kept tidy and clean. This involves removing bath mats from the floor, keeping sinks/showers/tubs clean, removing excess clutter from countertops, and closing all toilet lids.

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Turn on All The Lights/ Open all Curtains

If possible, turn on all your homes lights and open all the blinds/curtains to allow the most natural light in the home. This will make the home feel bright, airy, and most of all, welcoming.

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