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The Aggieland Farmhouse (@aggielandfarmhouse) is officially SOLD! This one was quite special because it was home to me and my family! While selling a personal home can be hard it typically means the turning of a page – which is exactly the case for us! Stay tuned for the massive remodel we are about to embark on in the coming months of our next family residence! We can’t wait to bring you along and give you some insight into the planning and design of our new home!

And a big congratulations to the family who now gets to call this historic, modern, American-flag waving, porch swinging, #fourgables farmhouse HOME!

With all of that said, I wanted to document for myself, but also for everyone who has been asking, more detail (and pictures) about this special build. 

In 2017, my husband and I purchased 4 acres in old equestrian neighborhood. There had previously been a house on this property but it was torn down prior to us owning it.  We sold off 2 of the acres which offset the cost of the land we chose to keep (#win)!

We studied numerous floor plans and would find great ones with awful exterior elevations.  We were coached to find the exterior elevation first and then massage the interior (#protip).  So we did just that and we fell in love with the iconic four gables farmhouse.  Quick aside – you know the famous 1930s American Gothic painting by Grant Wood – the painting depicts a stern looking farmer (holding a pitchfork) with his daughter (thought it was his wife along with the rest of America – thank you Wikipedia for setting me straight).  They are standing in front of a four gables farmhouse!

We particularly loved that it was a historic design – and hey, if I can’t live in a historic home – I will design one that has certain historic inspired elements and so we did just that!  From the four gables roof design to the generous porches (both front and back) to the porte cochere (fancy term for carport) and opting to pour a crushed granite driveway instead of a concrete driveway – all elements were thought through over and over!  Many elements were historically inspired but we also wanted modern elements as well.  We looked to provide a healthy blend of both!

While I could talk for days about every detail we labored over and every design
decision, I thought I would pull out some particularly interesting ones.  Below I
outline some of those special features and the sources and inspiration behind it.
Fence & Gate: We perimeter fenced the entire property and custom welded the
front metal fence.  We used square tube for the fencing for bit of a
modern/industrial flair along with the square panel mesh that we welded to each
fence panel section.  Perhaps one of my favorite features was the custom gate

my husband designed and built for me.  The gate is flanked by two brick
columns with exterior Pottery Barn sconces on the two columns.
Antique Doors:  I am a huge fan of personality in a home and we sourced the
most fun, antique doors for both the office and the master bathroom.  If you have
not taken the drive to Old World Antieks in La Grange, TX, I highly recommend it.
If you love architectural salvage – this place is a gold mine of beautiful pieces
sourced from all over the world.

Carriage House garage:  We went back and forth so many times about whether
the garage should be attached to the house (and take away from he aesthetic
we were trying to achieve) or detached (slightly less convenient for modern living
but achieved more of the architectural aesthetic).  We chose the latter and I
don’t regret it!  Form and function sometimes find themselves at odds with one
another but we felt like we ultimately were not sacrificing too much in the way of
function to make the garage detached.  It created the carriage house feel that
we wanted of the historic-inspired vibe we were hoping to create.

The slide that never came to be: One last interesting story about this home is
that we had designed it to have a spiral slide that landed in the laundry room
from the second story.  Its purpose – a ridiculous laundry shoot of sorts – one that
would hopefully make it fun and encouraging for kids to bring down their
laundry.  A special space was carved into the upstairs 5th bedroom/playroom but
it quickly become apparent after we moved in that this was likely not going to
come to fruition.  So as any good person custom building/remodeling a home
does – you pivot.  That area now houses custom built-in bunk beds!  And it
worked exceedingly well given it was a departure from our original plans.

Thank you for being interested in this project of ours.  It was truly a labor of love
and as I mentioned earlier we are embarking on another building journey as we
speak.  Real estate is such a powerful vehicle for so many things and I consider
myself privileged to get to help people in their own personal real estate journey.
You are amazing!  Thanks for being part of my tribe!

Most appreciatively,

P.S. For those interested in the paint color selections for this house:

Exterior Paint: SW Simply White

Exterior porch ceilings: SW Rainwashed

Exterior Doors: SW Black Magic

Interior Walls: BM Chantilly Lace

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    1. HA! It was an amazing home but a new project was awaiting me that I couldn’t turn down! A finished house is a boring one right?! And those doors – my very favorite architectural salvage business in La Grange, TX – Old World Antieks!

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