The Best Neutral Paint Colors

A lot of clients ask me what colors I recommend when painting a home to sell or sometimes to even just enjoy. Here is my list of my top neutral paint colors:

I strive to select colors which give you flexibility with decor. Some people may love gray and white but all of their furniture is brown and tan. This is where “greige” colors become your best friend.

In my personal home I wanted light and bright, so I painted my walls and trim Chantilly Lace. This is a very bright white but also does not carry crazy undertones which make it read a different color. I love that!

If you’re looking for a paint that will compliment your current wall colors, I’d recommend seeking out the website in which you purchased your paint from. If you purchased from Benjamin Moore/Sherwin Williams, they recommend complimentary colors based on what you already have!

#1: Nimbus, Benjamin Moore

This is one of my favorites because it is a true greige. It is a great alternative to white and appears warmer or cooler depending on the amount of light in the room.

#2: Accessible Beige, Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Beige is a great neutral with a nod to beige and tan. It is a little warmer than Agreeable Gray.

#3: Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams

This shade works nicely with cooler tones without making the room feel too cold or violet. This can tend to happen when you go with cooler tones that are more white or gray.

#4: Decorator’s White, Benjamin Moore

When you’re looking for a true neutral color scheme, my go-to’s are Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. This is when you have that vibrant green or colored piece of furniture and you just need to keep the walls relatively neutral.

#5: Lenox Tan, Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for something a little warmer, I’d recommend Lennox Tan. It is a warm gold color that I think makes every color pop. This with some dark brown accents or tobacco leather is sure to be a winner.

#6: Grant Beige, Benjamin Moore

Grant Beige is an incredibly versatile choice for both contemporary, modern, and traditional interior looks.

#7: White Dove, Benjamin Moore

White Dove is always steady in most natural light of any space, it doesn’t go yellow or pink or peach. This is a white that is not too stark but has a purity about it that just looks clean in any space.

#8: Edgecomb Gray, Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray is a gray that compliments cool colors very well without feeling too yellow. It brings warmth in a neutral tone.

#9: Lake Placid, Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking to bring in some color, Benjamin Moore’s Lake Placid is a great midtown blue that is cheery but unsaturated.

#10: Sea Salt, Sherwin Williams

Sea Salt is a very light blue, green. There is such little color in this shade that it can still be considered a neutral but offers a little more playfulness. A bathroom, laundry room, or even a kitchen island would be so fun in this color! It works very well with coastal decor and adds a light, airy touch.

One last consideration in selecting paint, is choosing the right finish. There are 5 finishes from which you can choose. From flat to gloss, each has properties to contemplate. 

Flat is full matte and has almost no sheen. It hides imperfections in walls, but it does not clean well at all. Flat is a good option for ceilings.

Eggshell is slightly more gloss, slightly more cleanable. Satin is next, with just a little more shine and durability. These two are my favorites for wall finishes. 

Then you move into the glossy finishes. Semi gloss is great for doors and trim, kid’s rooms and bathrooms, which all get a lot of traffic. It is scrubbable and easier to clean. It has some shine. High gloss is the best for durability and ease of cleaning. But it is very shiny. And it will show the imperfections in your walls. 

Hopefully a good quality paint store like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore or a professional painter can help you make some of these selections. But this is good knowledge to have under your belt, especially if you are your own designer or painter! 

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